Dry or Watery Eyes:

There are various causes for this, however this is often a simple problem, not enough tears, or too many tears.

If the drain out of your eye is narrow, the tears may overflow.

We can carefully, and painlessly, flush the drain through, which will reduce the overflow.

If the production of tears is reduced, age is a common cause, you will notice gritty & dry eyes.

You can use tear drops, however your natural tears drain out after about 10 minutes and are then replaced. So, the artificial tear drops will drain out too and you have to instil more drops to keep your eyes comfortable.

If you don’t wish to instil drops all day, or cant instil the drops easily, the tear drain can be reduced or blocked up completely.

This is done with the painless insertion of small plugs.

Some times the edges of the eye lids are inflamed with crusty deposits on the lashes and lids, this will affect the quality of the tears and contributes to dry eyes.

You can clean the edge of your eye lids with SteriLid, which will help with the production of good quality tears. Baby shampoo is not a good idea, it removes the oil from your tear  film and thus causes discomfort.