NHS MECS Scheme relating to minor eye conditions

NHS MECS Scheme relating to minor eye conditions

NHS MECS Scheme relating to minor eye conditions

The Minor Eye Conditions Scheme (MECS) allows patients to receive treatment through the NHS for a range of minor eye conditions. No need to get an appointment at a hospital – you can now access a highly trained optometrist based in an optician’s practice near you. This scheme is designed to enable patients to access treatment for medical eye conditions quickly in their local area. Appointments are often available within two days and even weekend appointments are offered by many practices.

Please note that the MECS service includes a clinical assessment and treatment for a medical eye condition only. Standard eye tests or prescriptions for glasses are not included.

What is included in the NHS MECS scheme?

Opticians taking part in the scheme are able to admit and treat patients for various eye conditions. These include:

Red eye

Red eyes can be a symptom of a minor irritation or a more serious condition like an infection. They occur when small blood vessels on the surface of the eye become enlarged. By themselves, they are not usually a cause for concern, but if they are accompanied by pain, abnormal drainage or loss of vision then the MECS will enable you to get an appointment with a local optometrist.

Simon Kleyn Opticians optometrist Red Eye

Sticky eye

If a wet or crusted discharge appears in your eyes, it can cause them to feel as if they are glued shut. The accumulated discharge is often caused by allergies or a cold, and is made up of skin cells, oil, debris and mucus. If it becomes consistent or excessive, it could be an infection, so you should use MECS to get checked out.

Simon Kleyn Opticians optometrist Sticky Eye

Watery eyes

If you have an overflow of tears onto your face with no explanation, it can impair your vision. It can also be uncomfortable and frustrating. By seeing an optometrist through MECS, you can identify the cause of the problem and have it treated.

Eye pain

Eye pain is not uncommon and it’s rarely a symptom of a serious condition. However, if it doesn’t resolve itself within a couple of days, it will be worth getting examined to establish the cause. An optometrist is your best option.

Unusual flashes or floating objects in your field of vision

Flashes and ‘floaters’ are usually nothing to be concerned about, but if you have a sudden increase of them it could be a sign of retinal detachment. This needs urgent treatment so if you experience any sudden changes like this then seek an appointment with an optometrist immediately.

NHS MECS Optometrist in Frinton & Earls Colne

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above and are concerned about your eyes, book an appointment with an optometrist. Thanks to MECS, you can see a specialist for free via the NHS and get the problem resolved before it becomes serious.

If you live in the Frinton & Earls Colne area, Simon Kleyn Opticians is available to take your appointment. Our contact details can be found here and we are ready to take your call.

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