Are vitreous floaters near the retina

Are vitreous floaters near the retina

Vitreous floaters tend to be in the rear section of the eye near the retina. The vitreous floaters are due to the vitreous liquifying, this process is called syneresis. Syneresis is a normal aeging process of the vitreous and can occur from 30 onwards. The most common age for vitreous floaters to occurs is around 60. As the vitreous liquifies the rear or posterior section of the vitreous develops strands that become visible. The forward (anterior) part of the vitreous tends to stay gelly like for longer and easily be seen using a slit lamp microscope.

Vitreous floaters can also occur due to inflamation at the retina or choroid, in this case the vision is likely to be constantly hazy too. The eye will need to be examined carefully to ensure the correct diagnosis is made. You can visit a MECS Optometrist if you have noticed sudden floaters in your vision.

If the vitreous has started to liquify then that is the beginning of a posterior vitreous detachment, see video below:

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