Bruized and black eyes:

Bruized and black eyes:

A bleed can occur around the eye, this is called a black eye. These bleeds occur after blunt trauma such as a fall or car accident or a sports injury. The skin around the eye will be dark purple or nearly black. This is why a Bruized eye is commonly called a black eye.

The reason for the color change is blood appearing just behind the skin. As the eye lid skin is not transparent the color seen is not blood red but purple at first. With time the blood reabsorbs and the color changes to greenish and then yellow before the bruise disappears.

If a bruize occurs on the white area of the eye is is called a subconjuctival haemorrhage:

subconjunctival haemorrhage red eye
Subconjuctival haemorrhage

In this case the blood is visible on the front surface of the eye. This is because the white of the eye is covered by a transparent membrane called the conjuctiva.

As a result of blunt trauma to the eye area other injuries can occur in conjuction with the bleed. The retina may become detached. Or the delicate bones around the eye may break and cause double vision. It is always best to have sudden red and bruized eyes checked by a MECS Optometrist.

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