Cataract surgery and possible complications

Cataract surgery and possible complications

Most cataract surgery is uncomplicated, well at least as far as the patient is concerned. Sometimes there are complications or issues that make the surgery more challenging. Pseudoexfoliation is one of those issues. Patients with this condition show a white deposit on the lens. In the example below the white deposit has formed a circle all round the pupil and it is visible as a feint thin white semi circle on the left hand side of the pupil. The bigger grey cloud to the right of the image is the cataract.

The main risk factor is that the attachment of the lens to the eye is a little weak and the lens may move out of position either during or after the surgery. As long as the surgeon is aware that Pseudoexfoliation is present precautions can be taken. If the lens does move out of postion it can be repositioned or replaced and placed in the sulcus.

Below is an image of a cloudy lens seen through the pupil of the eye:

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Cataract surgery and possible complications 2

Below is a video showing Cataract Surgery in Animation:

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