Cataract Surgery

We are accredited to provide aftercare, updated spectacle prescriptions and referral for cataract surgery to both NHS and private eye clinics.

One of the most up to date clinics in this area is SpaMedica in Chelmsford, paid for by the NHS. This clinic aims to provide an appointment for assessment within two weeks of our referral. So no long NHS waiting times any more, ask to be referred for early cataract surgery.

We can also provide referral to the Oaks Hospital in Colchester, the Nuffield Hospital in Ipswich, or the West Suffolk eye clinic in Bury St Edmunds.


About 30% of adults aged 65+ will have a cataract that affects their vision and requires treatment. Cataract surgery (which is a relatively straightforward procedure) is the most common operation performed today in the UK, with about 350,000 surgeries performed each year.

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in your eye. As you age, proteins in your lens begin to break down and the lens becomes cloudy. Some people don’t even realise they have a cataract because it usually develops very slowly and may not impede vision early on.

Research shows that a significant amount of cataract is caused by exposure to UV. Just like one uses UV protection for the skin, good UV blocking lenses should be worn when outside. even when it is overcast there is still a significant amount of UV radiation.

Some patients develop complications after cataract surgery, e.g. dysphotopsia, macular swelling, secondary cataract or a retinal detachment.


How many of these supporters are wearing UV protection ? Will they be future cataract patients ?


See below for an excellent video for an explanation on cataracts and surgery:



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