Covid 19 Corona Virus

Covid 19 Corona Virus

We are taking great care in cleaning the practice and keeping all of us as safe as possible.

Everyone who enters the practice wears a mask, no exceptions, that may seem harsh to some, however there is good evidence it reduces the transmission of Covid significantly. If you have breathing issues you need to be  even more careful as those patients are going to be suffering more if infected with Covid.

Does your mask affect your breathing, click here

Air sterilizers are running in the reception area and consultation areas all day, these are also used in dental practices and disinfect the air in these rooms every 20 minutes.

Our UV sterilizers, click here

All surfaces that you are likely to come into contact with are wiped with 70% Isopropynol alcohol between every appointment.

Some of the products we use, click here

Measuring your eye pressure, this can be done with a puff of air, however the puff of air does create an aerosol, which aids in the spread of Covid. So I have changed the way we measure your eye pressure, we now use small eye drops and dab of yellow dye to measure your eye pressure without creating an aerosol. further benefit from the drops is no sudden blast of air and it is more accurate, in fact it is the only NHS approved way of taking accurate eye pressure measurements.

You are welcome to try on frames as needed, they are all cleaned and sterilised before they are back on display.

For frame and lens measurements we have software designed by Zeiss on an Ipad, this allows for the measurements to be taking without touching or very close contact.

Zeiss I.Terminal, click here

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Make an appointment for an eye test / examination if you notice any changes in your vision. If you develop sudden vision changes, such as double vision or flashes of light, sudden eye pain, or sudden headache, call us straight away. 

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