Dry eye and floppy lids

Dry eye and floppy lids

Floppy lid syndrome is commonly found in males that are significantly obese and can lead to dry eye like symptoms. The lids can turn inside out during contact with the pillow overnight and lead to exposure keratitis. During eye rubbing whilst asleep a corneal abrasion can also occur as the lids are easily parted and moved away from the cornea. Furthermore the slack floppy lids are not wiping the cornea tight enough and that in itself leads to poor corneal health. There is currently no surgical treatment for floppy lids. The best treatment with floppy lids is overnight lubrication with a viscous tear supplement, similar to one used for dry eye. Reducing weight will help too. If some one suffers from floppy lids and obesity they also ought to be checked for sleep apnea. If there are concerns about dry eyes eyes and or floppy lids please see a MECS practitioner for further advise. Below is an image of eyes with corneal staining due to rubbing and exposure:

dry eye staining related to floppy eye lids
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