Dry, Gritty Eyes do you have Blepharitis ?


Sore, itchy eye lids (Blepharitis) and dry eyes are linked. The edges of your eye lids contain tear glands which contribute to the tear film on your eyes. If the tear film is poor your eyes will feel dry and or gritty. The crusty deposits on your lids can fall into your eyes, causing discomfort. These deposits are often caused by small mites – Demodex or bacterial infections, sometimes a combination of the two.

Inflamed or crusty eye lids can be cleared up with good lid hygiene using sterilid or occasionally topical antibiotics in the form of an ointment. The use of BlephEx is not recommended by us, it is basically a small power tool to remove the deposits, the power tool does not remove the cause.

Furthermore the deposits can be removed by gently rubbing the edge of your lids with your fingers and one of the above cleaning agents. I occasionally have to remove the initial deposits for clients with a soft cotton bud whilst shielding the eye with a soft disposable contact lens using eye numbing drops.

Make sure your eye lid problem is properly diagnosed, this is covered under MECS and paid for by the NHS. 

Tear Supplements:

Some patients suffer from Sjorgens syndrome, in this case there is not enough fluid on the eye and copious amounts of extra fluid is needed. This is a rare condition.

Most patients with dry gritty eyes have deposits on the edge of the eye lids and possibly a reduced volume of tears as well. Using our eye microscope we can diagnose crusty lids and or poor tear coverage.

If you are lacking in tear fluid only you can use tear supplements such as lacrilube, gell tears or Thera tears. A runny solution is used during the day and a gel tear is used overnight. The problem with all the tear supplements is that they run out of your eyes, so some patients choose to have plugs fitted.


Punctum Plugs

For dry eyes, both lacking quality and quantity you can have plugs fitted which reduce or even block the flow of tears out of the eye, so the tears stay on the front of your eye and help with lubrication.

The fitting of these is not painful.  Semi permanent plugs cost £7.50 each & last about three months.


Warm Eye masks & other supplements:

Your eye lids contain meibomian glands which contribute to the lubrication of your eyes. They may become blocked and heating the lids may unblock the glands. You can purchase eye masks on line.