Eye drops for glaucoma

Eye drops for glaucoma

If you have been prescribed eye drops for glaucoma you need to take these on a regular basis. Furthermore you will need regular check ups at your local eye clinic in order for them to monitor your eye condition.

There are many different eye drops for glaucoma, some can have side effects. These side effects can be darkening of the skin around the eyes, longer eye lashes and gritty eyes. If you have eye discomfort you can obtain professional help and advise from a MECS Optometrist. That would ensure you are taking the correct eye drops for the condition that is causing the discomfort. This may be a side effect from your glaucoma drops, or you may have blepharitis which is very common with glaucoma drops.

MECS Optometrists are available locally in Essex and are paid for by the NHS as long as you are registered with a GP in Essex.

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