Eye Examinations for great clear vision

It’s easy to neglect your eyes because they often do not hurt when there’s a problem.
A routine eye test at Simon Kleyn Opticians – Optometrist will not just tell you if you need new glasses or a change of prescription.
– it’s also an important eye health check
We can spot many general health problems and early signs of eye conditions before you’re aware of any symptoms, many of which can be treated if found early enough.

Full comprehensive eye tests with excellent advise:

Having a regular full routine eye test is crucial in protecting your and your family’s eyesight. These  tests allow your Optometrist, Simon Kleyn, to detect changes in your eye so alterations can be made to your spectacle prescription.

Any sudden eye problem please contact us first, not your GP.
This may well be paid for by the NHS under a local care scheme, see our minor eye conditions page or call us for details.

Optometrist Eye Examination - Frinton On Sea and Earls Colne

You won’t be rushed:  Most of our clients only require a routine eye test to examine your vision once every 2 years, so we want to provide you with the most thorough eye examination available. That’s why we offer longer appointment times than frequently found at some other opticians, with time to clearly explain the results of your eye examination and answer any questions you may have.

The extra time allows us to learn more about you, and what your needs and preferences are, meaning you’ll get the most effective advice and solutions because its tailored specifically to you.

Highest Quality Eye Examination

We don’t do a basic sight test: We offer the highest standard of eye examination to our patients as standard as we believe everyone should be able to benefit from the most comprehensive eye care available, and the greatest peace of mind as a result of your eye test.

How Does The Eye Examination Work

We examine the back of your eye with an Optos laser camera, there is no risk or pain and this test virtually never needs dilation eye drops. I have used Optos for over 15 years and am an experienced cinician in assessing the detailed laser images, these are viewed in the consulting room during the face to face examination. I am part of various Optos, eye clinic groups and OCT forums which keep my knowledge up to date. Furthermore this gives access to second opinios in rare and complex cases.

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Why Do I Need An Eye Examination?

Many eye diseases, if detected early, can be treated successfully. Regular eye tests can uncover both eye and systemic (entire body) problems. If these problems are left untreated, there is a risk of disability, suffering, and loss of productivity. The goals of an eye examination is to avoid or minimise adverse effects on the eye and vision, as well as to identify potential problems early in order to prevent any problems, which may lead to vision and or sight loss.

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Simon Kleyn Optician Eye Examination - Prevention

There are various retinal diseases and conditions of the eye which can result in loss of vision, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

We check your eye pressure with a Goldman applanation tonometer, approved by NICE. We do not use and air puff tonometer. The air puff systems blow air and bugs over our consulting room and are not particularly accurate. In fact there is a special local scheme to check most of the air puff readings using a Goldman applanation tonometer (GAT) before the eye clinic will accept the referral.

There are also diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure which can be discovered by routine testing of the eyes. Side effects of drugs may also sometimes be observed during eye examinations. Again, early detection is the key factor in treatment, sight preservation anda reduction in dementia risk.

Eye Examinations

We aim to provide eye examinations of the highest standard:

When To See Simon Kleyn Optician - Optometrist

Make an appointment for an eye test / examination if you notice any changes in your vision. If you develop sudden vision changes, such as double vision or flashes of light, sudden eye pain, or sudden headache, call us straight away. 

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