Eye floaters, is there a cure

Eye floaters, is there a cure

That all depends as to why you have eye floaters. If you suffer from an inflamation in the eye then the inflammation needs to be treated asap else your vision will be permanently damaged and you may later suffer from glaucoma too. If you have floaters in the vitreous of the eye then you could have the vitreous removed. However this is significant surgery to the eye and can put your vision at risk.

If you have floaters as a result of a retinal tear or bleed this needs to be treated urgently and this can be triaged by a MECS Optometrist.

Eye drops available over the counter or from amazon are very unlikely to help with eye floaters. Why waste your money ? I do not recommend these drops, there is no scientific evidence they actually work. If you have an eye problem see a professional, this is very likely free under the NHS, see this link.

For Vitreolysis Laser Treatment of Floaters you could contact this clinic, i have no personal experience or finacial relationship with the centre for sight.

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