Eye injuries and what to do:

Eye injuries and what to do:

Minor eye injuries, such dust or shower gell in your eye, often get better on their own within a day. If the eye is not better after a day, please seek medical help, see our MECS scheme. Get medical help if you have a chemical in your eye or something is stuck in your eye. If you eye is uncomfortable when blinking you definately need to seek advise, please see our local Minor Eye Care Scheme.

You can try to wash your eye out, with clean water if nothing else is to hand. Do not use warm water from a storage tank, this is the most likely source of contamination into your eye. Especially if the eye has been injured. Your eye will be less comfortable after washing it out with tap water. Try using a runny non peserved lubricant, available over the counter from the pharmacist.

IF you need to take painkillers for the eye injury please seek advise as that indicates a significant injury.

Do not try to remove any object yourself that’s stuck in your eye.

Do not rub or touch your eye until the discomfort and redness has resolved.

If you have had blunt trauma to the eye with a tennis ball or similar your may devellop bruizing to the retina, this is called commotio retinae which can be associated with a retinal tear or break.

Do not wear contact lenses until your eye is completely normal and pain free, if you think the issue is related to a contact lens you need an urgent appointment via the local LOC eye care scheme.



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