Eye Melanoma, naevus or freckle

Eye Melanoma, naevus or freckle

Serious eye tumours are very rare. the ratio of a serious lesion versus a normal freckle / nevus is about 1:9000

A common naevus is a flat mole with a single uniform colour. In darker skin, naevi are darker in colour. Using Optos benign naevi are commonly found in 2-7% of adults. Most of the time a nevus are flat with feathered irregular edges, and may show some white surface deposits. These surface deposits are called drusen and occur with age. An older naevus is more likely to have drusen as in the nevus image below:

%Eye Image Optician Optometrist Simon Kleyn%
pigmented area with white drusen

The image below is from a pigmented area with yellow deposits, lipofuscin

Furthermore the image is greener than the one above, greener color on Optos indicates increased thickness:

%Eye Image Optician Optometrist Simon Kleyn%
Raised pigmented area with orange lipofuschin flecks

If you are concerned about pigmentation in your eye Optos is an excellent instrument to image and initially assess the area.

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