Eye problem call the GP or Doctor ?

Eye problem call the GP or Doctor ?

There is now a local NHS MECS paid scheme for eye problems. Using this new scheme you can see an eye care specialist under the NHS. This is available in the high street in Earls Colne and Frinton on Sea. You do not have to call your Doctor or see your GP first. You do not have to pay for a private appointment with a GP or a Doctor, as long as your NHS GP is within our catchment area.

Just call us direct for an appointment with our Optometrist.

Would you go and see your Doctor or GP if you had a dental problem ? Well hopefully not, you’d call the Dentist.

So now you can see an Optometrist with the further MECS qualifications to quickly and safely be assessed for your eye problem. We practice in an out of town area, so less crowdy and thus a lower Covid risk when you see us.

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