Gardening and eye injuries

Gardening and eye injuries

We see a fair amount of gardeners who have injured their eyes with stick, branches, bamboo poles and powered tool. To reduce the risk of eye injury wear at least some form of eye protection. Proper graded protection eye wear is of course the best, but even a standard pair of spex reduces the risk of eye injury.

Wrap around eye protection is better still and wrap sunspex are available. This can be bought over the counter with a prescription. Or you can have wrap spex made to prescription with a full UV blocking filter to decrease wrinkles around your eyes and delay the onset of significant cataracts.

To reduce the risk of stick injury put something on the stick, old plastic bottles or yoghurt containers will reduce the risk of significant injury or damage to your eyes.

Power tools such as strimmers or mowers are a common cause of eye injury and can be easily avoided by wearing proper graded eye protection. Remember your eyes are delicate and injuries are both painful and can be sight threatening. Even if you don’t suffer permanent damage from an eye injury do you realy want to spend time in my consulting room having something removed from your eye ? We are fully equiped to assess and help you with an eye injury, these visits are covered by a local NHS paid for MECS scheme.

The sooner you have your eye injury assessed to more likely it is that the treatment is minor and straight forward. Remember an Optometrist will have access to a dedicated consulting room to assess eyes, that’s our job after all. What level of equipment do you think the GP or A&E have ? If you do have an uncomfortable eye contact us here.

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