glasses lenses fogging up with covid mask

glasses lenses fogging up with covid mask

Foggy spectacles:

Most mask-wearers have issues with glasses misting or fogging up when using a covid face mask. Simon explains; “Glasses get misty or foggy when warm air flows out of the top of your mask when you breathe out. The warm air flows over the cooler spectacle lenses causing condensation to form on the lens surface, resulting in misty vision. The moist air may also cause your glasses to slip around your nose making them less comfortable.”

There are some simple steps you can take, to help reduce the misting or fogging: (watch the video here)

  • Masks come in different shapes and sizes, don’t just stick with the first one you buy. Ensure your mask is the right shape and size for your face. A good fitting face covering will be snug, and air should be directed out the sides of the mask, not out of the top
  • Tighten the face cover or your mask may fit better by crossing the ear loops
  • You could try taping the top of the face covering, to stop the air flowing out of the top of the mask, instead redirecting the air out of the side the face covering. Wide 2.5cm surgical tape works the best, half on the mask and half on your face, if you’re dextrous you can do it on the inside so you don’t even see the tape!
    • Ensure your spectacles are well-fitted. Glasses that slip down your nose or sit to far from your eyes are more likely to mist up
    • Make sure the bottom edge of your lens sits in front of the top of your mask
    • Keep the lenses clean and use a cleaning spray and microfibre cloth, available from Simon Kleyn Optometrist, call us for details
    • If you need to update your glasses, consider lenses with easy clean hydrophobic coating
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