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MECS Scheme

We now offer minor eye conditions service (MECS) to our patients. Common eye problems as listed below can now be assessed and treated locally. Paid for by the NHS if you are registered with a GP in North East Essex or privately in the Earls Colne / Halstead area.

  • Loss of vision including temporary loss of sight
  • Sudden onset of blurred vision
  • Eye pain or discomfort
  • Systemic disease affecting the eye
  • Red eyes
  • Foreign body injury and emergency contact lens problems
  • Dry eye / gritty / itchy
  • Epiphora = watery eye
  • Trichiasis = in growing eyelashes
  • Lumps and bumps near the eye, Stye Cyst Hordeolum
  • Recent double vision
  • Flashes / floaters / vitreous detachments or retinal detachment
  • Recent loss of peripheral vision

If you suffer from red, gritty, itchy, sore, painful or watery or blurry eyes, or recognise any of the above eye symptoms, please contact us. You can be seen under the NHS in Frinton on Sea and in Earls Colne.


Click here for Evidence of Clinical Safety of the MECS scheme