Ear Wax Removal

Simon Kleyn is an independent optician and has an ear wax clinic in Frinton on Sea. For over 30 years we have been providing expert hearing services, including ear wax removal.

Signs you have problems with your hearing:

There are many signs that suggest you may benefit from ear wax removal near Frinton on Sea. For example, if you are suffering from dizziness or notice a ringing in your ear, you may require ear wax removal. Similarly, if you notice you have a sensation of fullness inside your ear (as though you are always wearing an earplug), you should contact Simon Kleyn and arrange ear wax removal services.

If you do not think you have excess ear wax but notice your hearing is not as good as it used to be, you should book an appointment with our audiologist. One of our expert team members will assess your ear and inform you whether or not you would benefit from ear wax removal services. Contact details for our audiologist.

Free hearing tests now available by appointment:

Our hearing aid consultant, Pamela Sithole BSc Audiologist is now supplying private aids, she has many years of experience, is caring and professional. We also have a page on our website for hearing aids, there is a free service for hearing aid assessments.

She can also provide advice on: Tinnitus management, Swim ear plugs, Musicians earplugs and custom plugs for sleeping.

Ear Wax Removal Frinton On Sea
ear wax removal frintion on sea

Painless ear wax removal

If you are hesitant to book an appointment at our ear wax clinic due to painful experiences having your ears syringed, do not worry. At our Frinton on Sea ear wax clinic, we complete our wax removal services via micro-suction. Micro-suction is painless, quick and does not involve the use of a syringe.

Instead of a syringe, micro-suction uses a microscope to see inside the ear. With an accurate view of your ear, one of our expert team can remove any built-up wax carefully and accurately, ensuring no damage occurs to your ear and no pain is felt.

Ear wax removal before and after pictures

We can provide our patients with before and after pictures ear wax removal using micro-suction at our Frinton on Sea clinic and a video of their ear canal on request. This will show you just how effective our ear wax services are. If you still experience issues with your hearing even after your wax extraction, you can show the images to your GP who will be able to advise you further about your hearing.

If you are tired of getting your ears syringed, finding it painful and uncomfortable, then ear wax Microsuction is the answer for you as there is no pain.

Microsuction is a safe, syringe free and pain free ear wax removal method using a microscope. You can see the process on the video further down the page. This is a quick and simple way to remove the irritation of ear wax without using painful and sometimes damaging irrigation. 

Irrigation – rinsing, is associated with a risk of ear drum perforation and hearing damage, this is an outdated method of removing ear wax which is why the modern way to remove ear wax is microsuction which we recommend. 

Quick ear wax removal at Frinton On Sea

As our ear wax removal services are fast and efficient, there are no long wait times for our ear wax clinic. As soon as you suspect you may need a wax removal service, you should contact Simon Kleyn. Never try to remove excess wax from your ear yourself, whether with your fingertips or a cotton bud, as you will push the wax further into your ear and potentially damage your eardrum.

There are no long waiting times for the removal of ear wax at out clinics, we can assess you urgently for likely excess ear wax which often impairs hearing.

Where to find your nearest ear wax removal in Frinton on sea:

Simon Kleyn BSc(Hons) MBCO, Pole Barn Lane, Frinton on Sea

Call Pamela Sithole BSc Audiology direct on 07399 201 171 

Pamela Sithole email address

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