How to get rid of eye floaters ?

How to get rid of eye floaters ?

That depends on why you have eye floaters in the first place. If they are due to inflamation then the inflamation needs to be treated asap. This is likely as a result of uveitis and needs urgent care. Alternatively you could have floaters from a retinal tear, again that needs to be triaged as soon as possible, call a MECS practitioner.

IF your eyes are not showing any signs of inflamation or retinal issues the floaters are likely harmless and could be treated by removing the vitreous. This is a significant eye operation and not many surgeons would be comfortable removing the vitreous for normal floaters. If there is a very big floater remnant after a vitreous bleed then that may need surgery. Again you need advise from an Optometrist in the first place.

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