Independent opticians vs multiple

Independent opticians vs multiple

Why go to an independent optician when it’s often perceived to be cheaper to go to a multiple retailer to get your glasses ?

A multiple retailing chain of opticians, may lure you with discounts and free (?) eye tests and on the surface this can be very tempting. So, we thought it might be worthwhile pointing out some of the benefits that independent Optometrist like Simon Kleyn can offer:

At Simon Kleyn Opticians, we believe the benefits of buying from an independent firmly outweigh the money you may save from buying from a multiple retailer.

Here are 8 reasons why we believe visiting an independent local optician is more beneficial:

1. At an independent optician, you are more likely to be treated as an individual in comparison to being just another name on a database at a multiple opticians.

2. An independent optician will take the time to get to know you and your family – we understand what is important for your eye care.

3. You will always see your own personal optometrist, rather than walking into a high-street store and see a different consultant each time depending who is on shift that day.

4. An independent optician will usually have a longer appointment time to spend with each patient. Our appointment time is 45 minutes.

5. Most supplementary tests (including an eye pressure test and Optos retinal photography) will be completed by qualified optometrists who will be familiar with your eye history.

6. When choosing your glasses, Simon Kleyn has a fully qualified dispensed optician to give professional advice and help you choose the lens and frames to suit you and your lifestyle. We do not employ optical assistants who are not a fully qualifed dispensing optician.

7. You can choose from a variety of top quality brands and manufacturers which ensures the longevity of your glasses and we offer a localised after care service to fix breakages and carry out minor repairs.

8. Buying from your local independent ensures that you are supporting employment opportunities within your local community.

After years of receiving feedback from new patients who have come to Simon Kleyn having become disillusioned by the poor service they received at a multiple retailer we know that by using your local independent optician you will receive a more bespoke personal service that is tailored around your eye care needs. Check out our feedback on google.

If you to want to be treated like an individual when it comes to your eye care, then please book an appointment.

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