Ingrowing eye lashes, trichiasis and epilation

Ingrowing eye lashes, trichiasis and epilation

Ingrowing eye lashes on the eye lids are called trichiasis. This is a common reason for the eyes to be uncomfortable. The discomfort varies with blinking as the eye lash is rubbed on the cornea. The cornea is very sensitive and just one lash rubbing on the eye is enough to cause an abrasion. A corneal abrasion can lead to a corneal infection which can lead to a corneal ulcer.

Ingrowing eye lashes can be removed, this is called epilation. We can epilate annoying or possibly sight affecting lashes using small foreceps. To epilate an eye lash we use our microscope to ensure we have a good view of the lash and surrouding eye. This ensures we do not cause damage or injury to the surrounding lid and eye. There is minimal discomfort during removal and the eye will be much more comfortable after removal of an annoying eye lash.

Malpositioned eye lashes can be due to other eye lid problems, so it is best to have these checked out and assessed under the local MECS scheme. Call us today for further advise.

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