Jaeger Spectacle Frames for Quality and Style

Jaeger Spectacle Frames for Quality and Style

Jaeger spectacle frames for quality style and fashion:

Famous for quality and style, Jaeger is one of the most recognisable fashion names on the High Street today. Founded in 1884, the Jaeger brand has become a leader in fashion both for designer clothing and spectacle frames, which are both elegant and timeless. The fashion collection includes a range of titanium frames allowing for a light and durable design of spectactle frames. Jaeger glasses are compatible with leading modern British style – simple and polished. The rich history of Jaeger is reflected across the brand’s eyewear collection which is available both in metal and plastic frames. Fashion may come and go, but classic style lasts forever. This is the philosophy behind the Jaeger eyewear collection. 

Jaeger Frames
Jaeger Frames


Our stock of quality Jaeger frames:

We stock a range of Jaeger frames both in the Earls Colne practice and in the Frinton on Sea practice. Our stock includes frames from the Pure Titanium collection. Titanium is an excellent material to use for spectacle frames, it is hypoallergenic and extremely durable.

Our stock contains both ladies and gents frames, some of the gents frames are of a generous size to accomodate every head width.

Manufactured exclusively in Japan with precision and care, the attention to detail and finish are second to none, whilst the very latest innovative manufacturing, colouring and printing techniques ensure a unique, luxury product befitting of the Jaeger name.

Zeiss lenses in Jaeger frames:

Most Jaeger glasses frames can be fitted with multifocal lenses and thinner lenses from Zeiss. Ziess lenses are available in both single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses. All Zeiss lenses are supplied as standard with a build in UV blocker to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. furthermore all Zeiss lenses are supplied with an excellent anti glare coating, significantly improving the vision, especially under low light conditions such as night time driving.

Hypoallergenic titanium frames:

The Jaeger Pure Titanium glasses collection is made from a lightweight, agile and robust material which is also hypoallergenic.

Please click here for the full range of Jaeger frames:

jaeger female metal frame
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