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Do you need an eye test or sight examination near Harwich Dovercourt ?

IF you have noticed blurred vision or sight loss it is wise to book a full eye test near Harwich Dovercourt in order to find out why your eye sight has decreased. There can be various reasons, such as a change in eye focus which may be easily fixed with a spectacle lens. Or you may notice more glare driving, especially at night or whendriving towards a low setting sun.This is likely due to glare and a good optical practice can examine your eyes and help you with reducing those symptoms.  

optos daytona ultra wide retinal imaging

Stress free a sight test / eye examination near Harwich ?

During an eye test near Harwich Dovercourt, we allow for plenty of time for you to explain your eye problems. We make careful notes and will at the end of the consultation be able to give you advise and guidance as to how to best increase your visual comfort. 

You may have had an eye test previously and remember a fairly noticible puff of air on you eye during the eye test. This puff of air is used to check the pressure in your eyes. We now use a small eye drop to check the pressure in your eyes. This is far less stressfull than the puff of air and also increases the accuracy of the pressure test. An eye pressure reading is taking to help us assess your risk of Glaucoma.

We are a long established Optical practice near Harwich and provide eye care for both routine examination and assessment for dry eye and sore eyes. Our practice is registered to provide care for red eyes and sudden vision changes. This service is provided under MECS.

eye lid with blepharitis gritty deposits

the image above shows a gritty eye with blepharitis, this is easily diagnosed and treated under MECS.

How long does an eye test local to Harwich ?

We book our examinations one hour apart, this allows for a full and comprehensive check on your sight and enables social distancing in the practice. We do not rush our clients and you will be guided through the eye test and spectacle lens advise in a considered and patient manner.

Where to book and eye test local to Harwich ?