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Looking for an Opticians near Coggeshall with up to date equipment and a great frame selection ?

We have up to date equipment, such as Optos, a large selection of quality frames and supply lenses by Zeiss. We are a trusted independent family-owned group of opticians with several practices, one in Earls Colne which is near Coggeshall. For over thirty years we have been providing family eye care and a wide range of optical services, providing eye care you can trust for all sections of the community both in Earls Colne and nearby Coggeshall.

We provide a wide range of optical services, such as new glasses, spectacles, eye test and urgent eye appointments via the MECS service, paid for by the NHS. 

This service is paid for by the NHS if you are registered with any GP near Colchester Essex, click here for a list

If you suffer from red eyes, gritty eyes, itchy eyes, sore eyes, painful eyes, watery eyes, blurry vision, or any of the eye problems below, please contact us by phone, numbers at the top and bottom of this page, or you can email us here: contact us

Dry Irritated Eyes? Time For An Eye Examination

Your eyes stay hydrated thanks to the various glands around them that produce oil or tears. The liquid coats your eyeballs and protects them from dirt, dust, and other irritants. Dry eyes might indicate a problem affecting the production of these lubricants. It can cause discomfort and a burning sensation, making it difficult to keep your eyes open. See a doctor if the condition persists so they can determine what the underlying cause is. Speak to Simon Kleyn Opticians nearby to Coggeshall for all eye related problems.

Retinal Imaging and Red Eye:

At Simon Kleyn, we have the capability to provide retinal imaging from our opticians close to Coggeshall. 

If you are vulnerable to diseases such as a stroke, diabetes and heart disease, you will be able to identify early signs of these conditions. We use the latest imaging technology to ensure our retinal imaging services are as accurate and efficient as possible.

Optos california at out opticians in earls colne near coggeshall

Red Eye:

If you are suffering from red eyes, it may be an indication that you have a minor eye condition, such as conjunctivitis. Commonly, red eye is painless and doesn’t affect your vision too severely but that does not mean you shouldn’t seek the help of an opticians around Coggeshall if you notice your eyes are red. 

pterygium red eye imaged at opticians in earls colne near coggeshall
red eye caused by a ptrerygium
Do Face Masks Trigger Dry Eyes?

Unfortunately, since mask-associated dry eye is a new development, resources regarding this condition are still limited. However, a few reports are explaining the causes of mask-induced dry eye.

One of the causes for mask-associated dry eye is airflow. When you incorrectly wear a mask and you breathe out, air finds its way out of the mask and to the surface of your eyes and eyelids. This pushes the water in your eyes to evaporate and ultimately dry out your eyes. Some people try to prevent this by taping their masks; however, this interferes with your lower eyelid’s functions and still leads to dry eye.

Blepharitis - Dry Eyes

Do you have Dry, Gritty Eyes, you could have Blepharitis. 


We now offer minor eye conditions service…

Flashes / Floaters

Lots of people, particularly older people, get…

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery, also called lens replacement surgery, is

Speak to an Optician today nearby Coggeshall you can rely on:
We offer a wide range of optician services including non-invasive imaging via optical coherence tomography (OCT) and minor eye conditions services which are paid for through the NHS as we are a proud member of the  NHS MECS Scheme which covers the Coggeshall area. To book an appointment with our  practice close to Coggeshall, get in touch with Simon Kleyn today.