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Simon Kleyn is an independent, family-owned opticians close to Halstead who has been proudly serving residents of Halstead for over 30 years. We provide a wide range of optical services, such as new glasses, spectacles, eye test and urgent eye appointments.

Optos ultra wide imaging in earls colne near coggshall halstead
Optos Daytona ultra wide eye imaging

Eye tests at Opticians near Halstead:

We conduct eye exams to the highest standard using modern up to date equipment including a safe visual field tests for each eye at our Opticians near Halstead. If you experience clouded or dim vision or find you are unable to see at night, you may have the beginnings of cataracts or possibly macular changes. During an eye examination, we will be able to determine whether or not you require treatment for cataract and be able to identify a number of other eye problems such as macular change or glaucoma. Even if you are not currently experiencing any problem with your vision, it is recommended everyone has a regular sight test.

We also provide referrals for cataract surgery, also called  lens replacement surgery, at our Opticians near Halstead. The surgery involves painless removal of the eye’s cloudy lens and replacing it with an intraocular lens. This takes the eye consultant about 20 minutes to do. We mainly refer to New Medica for cataract surgery, the waiting time is about 6 weeks and is paid for by the NHS.

Ultra wide no drops retinal imaging:

At Simon Kleyn, we have the capability to provide retinal imaging from our opticians close to Halstead. Located at the back of your eye, the retina is the only location in your entire body where blood vessels can be viewed. If you are vulnerable to diseases such as a stroke, diabetes and heart disease, we will be able to identify early signs of these conditions in your retina. We use the latest Optos imaging technology to ensure our retinal imaging services are as accurate and efficient as possible. Eye drops are very rarely needed using this modern eye camera, so you can drive home again straight after the hassle free test.

We are also able to provide optical coherence tomography (OCT) should more imaging be required. OCT is non-invasive and uses light-waves to capture images of the cross-sections of your retina. OCT is particularly useful in distinguishing wet from dry macular change.

comparison of retinal image using optos vs normal retinal camera
comparison of retinal image using optos vs normal retinal camera
Minor eye care service paid for by the NHS:

If you are suffering from uncomfortable eyes, it may be an indication that you have a minor eye condition, such as dry eye or conjunctivitis. This is usually painless and doesn’t affect your vision too severely but that does not mean you shouldn’t seek the help of Simon Kleyn near Halstead. We can help you with eye problems such as dry or gritty eyes. We will be able to identify what is causing your eye problem and help solve it. Common causes, for example, include a burst blood vessel, blepharitis, a scratch to the cornea or anterior uveitis / iritis / iritus. To enable us to advise you on those conditions we would see you under the local MECS scheme, paid for by the NHS, so there is no charger to you. MECS is an enhanced Optometric service in Essex, provided by Primary eycare Ltd.

Blepharitis - Dry Eyes

Do you have Dry, Gritty Eyes, you could have Blepharitis. 


We now offer minor eye conditions service…

Flashes / Floaters

Lots of people, particularly older people, get…

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery, also called lens replacement surgery, is

Gritty eyes and flashes/floaters:

If you are experiencing sore, itchy or dry eyes, you may be suffering from Blepharitis, causing grittiness of the eyes. There are a number of ways to treat gritty eyes such as punctum plugs and tear supplements. The time to assess dry eye is covered by a local MECS scheme, semi permanent plugs for dry eye are also available. As a trusted optician next to Halstead the local population can rely on will be able to advise you on your best treatment options. If you notice your vision is beginning to blur or your vision is often impaired by flashers and floaters, you should book an optometrist appointment to our opticians near Halstead immediately. Flashes/floaters can be caused by a harmless process called posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) but can also be the indication you have experienced a significant retinal tear.

location of punctum plugs used in the treatment of dry eye
location of punctum plugs used in the treatment of dry eye
For an optician Halstead residents can rely on, see Simon Kleyn:
We offer a wide range of optician services including non-invasive imaging via optical coherence tomography (OCT) and minor eye conditions services which are paid for through the NHS as we are a proud member of the  NHS MECS Scheme which covers the Halstead area. To book an appointment with our  opticians practice next to Halstead, get in touch with Simon Kleyn today.