Red and Painful eye

Red and Painful eye

If you eye is red and painful this is likely an issue that needs to be assessed very soon. There is a local MECS appointment system for these symptoms. The MECS appointment is paid for by the NHS. This is available locally in our practice in Frinton on Sean and in Earls Colne, both near Colchster.

A red and painful eye can be due to a foreign body being in the eye. This can be as straightforward as an eye lash, or a piece of grit or metal stuck in the cornea after some DIY or working in a dirty environment. A MECS Optometrist will be able to assess the foreign body and most likely will be above to remove it quickly and painlessly.

Another reason for an eye to be red and giving you pain is a significant increase in eye pressure. Acute Glaucoma will give symptoms of significant pain and the eye will be red. Farsighted eyes are generally smaller and more likely to suffer from acute glaucoma. Older eyes with some cataract are also more likely to suffer from a painful rise in pressure that is associated with a red eye.

The main thing to remember that a red and painful eye needs to be examined quickly by a MECS Optometrist.

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