Red eyes

Red eyes

Red eyes can be innocent or sight threatening and will need to be assessed under the local NHS paid for MECS scheme. If you notice glare as well as a red eye that is a definite pointer for your eyes to be assess very soon. Some clients with red eyes have minor bleeds due to taking blood thinners or high blood pressure.

this page from medical news today provides a useful guide to various red eye conditions

This is an image of a red eye, which is a Pterygium:

pterygium red eye

A Pterygium is a skin grown accross the front of the eye. Some people confuse a cataract with a pterygium, however a cataract occurs when the lens in the eye goes cloudy, the pupil will look like the image below:

brown eye with cataract showing in pupil

Some confuse a pterygium with a pinguecula, here is a clear explanation of the difference, both can cause a red eye. And here are some more images showing the difference between a pterygium with a pinguecula.

This is an example of two red eyes, one showing significantly more redness – injection. This can be due to infection or inflamation. We can assess this under a locally paid for NHS scheme = MECS.

red eyes left more than right
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