Sight Test Appointment near Colchester

Sight Test Appointment near Colchester

Sight tests are available by appointment only. This is to ensure proper social distancing and ensure there is sufficient time to assess and examine the patient. If you have an vision or eye issue please give us a call or use the email to the right to book contact us.

An eye test can include electronic imaging of the inside of your eye, either with a standard fundus camera or an ultra wide camera such as Optos

Some cameras require the use of dilating eye drops to enable a good view of the back of the eye including the retina and optic disc. The optic disc is the end of the eye nerve which connects your retina to the visual area of the brain. This nerve can be affected by pressure in the brain or pressure in the eye. If the pressure in the eye is too high the optic disc will be damaged and this is usually diagnosed as glaucoma.

The vision is checked using a letter chart, this can be done with a panel over a light box, displaying all the letters at the same time, a more modern system uses a computer screen and is able to display one line of letters at a time. This single line of letters is changed with random letters every time the line is read out.

The front part of the eye, including the cornea, iris and lens is examined with a slit lamp microscope. Problems such as a corneal ulcer or infection are diagnosed using this instrument. If the lens in the eye is a little cloudy this is called a cataract. Cataracts are generally age related and start gradually.

You an do a basic test on your computer, no substitute for an in depth consultation 😉

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