Smartfield visual field test for Glaucoma

Smartfield visual field test for Glaucoma

The visual field instrument is part of our excellent range of equipment in the pre-screening room in Frinton on Sea, Essex. A visual field instrument is used to detect early changes in the side of the vision. The edges of the vision are affected by issues such as glaucoma and restrictions in blood flow such as TIAs. A TIA is a temporary ischeamic attack and affects the nutrition to an area of the body, e.g. the eye. Detection of an early field defect can help in the early diagnosis of glaucoma and strokes. Allergan has recently launched an app to show the vision loss related to glaucoma.

Smartfield visual field instrument from Oculus

Above is an image for our Smartfield perimeter from Oculus. The instrument is used to screen one eye at a time, this is called monocular testing. The OCULUS Smartfield is a compact visual field device purposefully optimized for monitoring functional impairment in glaucoma. Based on an ultra-high-luminance LCD screen it performs standard automated perimetry of the central visual field and beyond. Despite its small size, the Smartfield perimeter offers a comprehensive solution in visual field testing for any optical practice. The test for both eyes is called a binocular field test. Binocular field tests are usually done for a DVLA driving test. We can do these for class one only, and only in our Earls Colne practice.

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