Sore eyes and Chloramphenicol

Sore eyes and Chloramphenicol

Chloramphenicol is an excellent agent to treat sore eyes. Chloramphenicol is used for eye infections, IF that is what is actually the problem. Please make sure you have seen a MECS Optometrist before use.

And do read the instructions for use on the topical medication. If it says use for x days and if no better seek advise, then do so.

Yesterday I examined a patient with a very sore eye, had been using Chloramphenicol for 4 weeks, eye not getting better. In fact it was getting worse. When he eventually consulted me he had a perforated cornea. Could all have been avoided if further advise had been sought after a few days of little or no improvement.

MECS Optometrists are here to help out and advise on sore and red eyes.

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