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Details of our large range of glasses on display in our practice:

We have a great range of lightweight and comfortable frames, both in the Earls Colne practice and in Frinton on Sea. You will be offered personal, qualified unbiased professional advice; we do not employ ‘shop assistants’. Time is spent with you by qualified staff to give you advice on style, shape and suitability for your prescription. A designer name is not essential. Our frame range is selected for its quality and design to give you a comfortable fit for your new spectacle frames. We also provide fashionable frame ranges from individual companies throughout the world who design and manufacture their own original and unique collections of spectacle eyewear. To look good is to feel good and our comfortable styles appeal to a wide range of tastes ensuring the perfect spectacle fit every time. See this link from Zeiss to help you choose the best style of spectacle frames to suit your face. 

Woow Sunglasses - new range - call us today

woow sunglasses latest
woow sunglasses latest
nifities small fashion frames
Nifties Danish comfortable fashionable frames
William Morris comfortable british frames male female in uk street
William Morris, UK Fashionableframes
pro design fashionable blond female fashion
Pro Design Danish comfortable designer frames
woow bright fashion designer frames
WOOW individual fashion frames
Woow spectacle frames details
WOOW individual frame details
bellinger clear blue acetate frames
Bellinger quality designer glasses
jaeger fashionable spectacle frames male and female model
Jaeger stylish light weight durable comfortable frames
flexon fashion glasses black and blue metal
Flexon comfortable durable memory metal glasses
stepper spex blond females and male
Stepper modern fashionable designer eye wear

“Erin’s World” is the frame line specially designed to fit children with Down syndrome giving a superior fit compared to a standard childrens frame.  Unlike other frames, the bridge is adjusted to fit on their smaller lower positioned noses and the temples (some people call them arms) are designed to help keep the glasses from constantly slipping.  Erin’s World frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit toddlers to adults. We stock a selection of these  frames and can order different sizes and colours as needed. click on the image below:

erins world kids glasses for downs syndrome faces
Childrens frames for special needs
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No studies have proved how to prevent cataracts or slow the progression of cataracts. But doctors think several strategies may be helpful, including:

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