Flexon Titanium Frames with Memory Metal

Modern hard wearing spectacles:

Experience technical innovation throughout the perfectly contoured Flexon range of frames. Some models have a screw-less spring hinge, all have the unrivaled durability of the Flexon bridge with the use of memory metal. 

Memory metal springs back into shape after quite severe distortion. The end tips that hold the frame in place behind the ears have been heat treated to be permanently adjusted to fit to the wearer.

Other models offer a stainless steel side, inspired by carbon fiber with sleek laser etched geometric designs.

There are models with an interior rubber portion of the temple tips for extra comfort, these feature a diamond texture, providing extra grip.


Flexon titanium frames with memory metal
Flexon durable strong

Flexon sunglasses

The Flexon range also includes sunglasses, e.g. the Sun 5000P, which is a classic aviator with a timeless appeal featuring polarized lenses and Flexon in the bridge and temples.

Details of the whole Flexon collection.

Lightweight Flexon frames

Flexon eyewear is more durable, lightweight and resistant than conventional metals as it contains titanium; allowing you to embrace every challenge with a reduced risk of breaking your spectacles. Flexon frames require a minimal amount of adjustment; the nose pads and end pieces can be fine-tuned for a more custom fit as needed.

Titanium Strongest metal for glasses

Flexon frames feature technologically advanced memory metal in the bridge / temples allowing them to be flexed, bent or twisted and return to their original shape. The exception is the end pieces to be fitted at the back of the ears, those are more robust to hold their shape.

Flexible for those accidents and fashionable at the same time

Flexible in multiple ways. With years of design and construction experience, Flexon eyewear has evolved into a collection with few limitations. Memory metal combined with rubber, TR90 and stainless steel create a varied collection filled with color, advanced durability, lightweight construction, and a comfortable fit.

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