Temporary vision loss Aura or Amaurosis fugax

Temporary vision loss Aura or Amaurosis fugax

Temporary vision loss due to Aura or Amaurosis Fugax, how to tell the difference:


• Visual symptoms in both eyes
• Symptoms increase gradually over time
• Symptoms also include “positive” phenomena as in bright lights like seeing
sparkles, zig-zag lines, colors as seen though a kaleidoscope 

Aura is commonly associated with a migraine, however some patients experience only Aura in which case it may be called an ocular migraine

Aura related to migraine

Amaurosis Fugax:

• Visual symptoms in one eye
• loss of vision is usually sudden, there are dark patches
• No positive phenomena as in Aura

Amaurosis Fugax can be associated with loss of blood flow to the retina, possibly due to a plaque, the risk of this is higher if the eye pressure is raised as in uncontrolled glaucoma

Amaurosis fugax
Amaurosis fugax

IF you are concerned about a retinal detachment, you can find further details here.

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