Understanding Your Watery Eyes: Causes and Solutions

Understanding Your Watery Eyes: Causes and Solutions

Watery eyes—also called epiphora—leads to blurred vision, which could prevent you from functioning well during work or school. If left untreated, it can make you vulnerable to accidents and restrict your ability to perform well and keep to your responsibilities. That is why you need to know what is causing your eyes to tear up excessively and how you should care for it. 

This article will discuss the common causes of watery eyes and what you need to know about its appropriate eye care procedures. The main goal is to correct this pressing concern and maintain your clear vision.

Common Causes of Watery Eyes 

There are two common causes of epiphora, which are the following:

  • Excessive and uncontrollable tear production

Your watery eyes may be undergoing excessive tear production or hypersecretion, which is common among those with dry eyes. It can be a natural response to dryness, but certain medical complications can also cause excessive tears. 

For example, you may have misdirected eyelashes which is common among patients with distichiasis and trichiasis. Other commonly associated eye complications are pink eye and corneal disease. 

It’s best to consult with an eye doctor or optometrist to determine the root cause of excessive tear production. 

  • Tears are not draining correctly

Your eyes have a natural means of draining tears internally, but certain complications can hamper that and lead to watery eyes. For one, you may have a blockage in your tear drainage system, like pollen or huge dust particles. You may also have ectropion or an eyelid-related complication which affects the flow of tears. More severe cases may also have lacrimal pump failure, which refers to a defect in the facial nerve palsy. 

While seemingly minor, these can balloon to bigger problems later on. As such, it’s best to seek immediate medical attention to determine if your watery eyes are due to ineffective tear drainage. 

How to Care for Your Watery Eyes

Consider the following eye care solutions to treat your watery eyes and correct your blurred vision: 

  1. Seek professional eye care from an optometrist

Your optometrist can provide you with prescribed eye drops and other effective kinds of medication to deal with your watery eyes. They may also resort to surgery, like dacryocystorhinostomy, to redirect and drain tears effectively. 

Seeking the professional help of an optometrist will enable you to understand your eye’s condition and find viable ways to recover your clear sight. 

  1. Use prescription eye drops

There are eye drops sold in most drugstores to aid against watery eyes. There may also be other over-the-counter medications that you can take; however, it is far better to consult with your local optometrist to treat the underlying cause effectively. 

  1. Give your eyes a break 

Close your eyes and take a break from daily activities, especially when you are tearing up excessively. Doing so may allow the tear blockages to go away naturally through tear drainage. 

  1. Massage your eyelids with a warm, damp cloth

You may have strained eyes which are causing them to tear up excessively. Close your eyes, put a warm, damp cloth over then, and massage them to help relieve the strain on your eyes. 


Watery eyes are a nuisance to deal with, but fortunately, there are solutions to prevent it from restricting your vision. You just need to find out what is causing your eyes to tear up and have it corrected from there. When faced with excessive tearing, just remember the contents of this guide to help you find the best response for your needs.

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