Varifocal Lenses:

Varifocal Lenses:

These lenses have a gradual change of focus incorporated into the prescription from the top of the lens where the distance portion is positioned, to the bottom where the close up reading prescription is located.

There is a gradual change of focus in the lens allowing you to see clearly at all distances through a single lens. In comparison to traditional bifocals, varifocal lenses don’t contain a visible dividing line. This makes them more functional and they are cosmetically pleasing. Furthermore, they disguise age very well as friends, family and co-workers cannot tell the type of lens you’re wearing.

There are 3 main portions to a varifocal lens:

Distance Portion: Where the distance component of your prescription is set

Intermediate Portion: The portion between the distance prescription and the near prescription. This allows clear vision at arm’s length.

Near Portion: Where the reading/close up section is set.

Varifocal lenses are generally easy to adapt to providing that all the measurements for varifocal lenses are taken correctly and the correct type of varifocal lens is selected. Zeiss have an Ipad driven measurement system to ensure accurate measurements of the position of the lenses and the various angles the lens is held in front of your eyes.

Some frames curve more than others and some frames hold the lenses in a more vertical position. Generally tipping the bottom of the lens closer to the wearer gives a better optical result. These measurements need to be taken whilst wearing the clients frame and with the head position in a normal position.

Zeiss supply a range of varifocal lenses to suit various visual requirements, for example some lenses are best suitable for driving, others are best suitable for computer and near vision work. Varifocal lenses can be supplied with a variable tint, these lenses are called photochromic (or reactolite in the dim distant past) and are available in a variety of colours.

You may have tried a varifocal lens some time ago and have noticed distortion or ‘swim’ effect in the edges of the lens. This is usually due to an older design of varifocal. Modern Zeiss varifocal lenses are digitally designed and manufactured for each individual prescription and frame size. This minimizes visual distortion and maximizes clarity of vision.

Zeiss lenses are supplied with a UV blocker as standard in every lens, their varifocal lenses are supplied with a one month trial period. If you have a problem with a new Zeiss lens, very unlikely, Zeiss will change or replace the lens as needed.

So no need to be worried about ordering a varifocal lens, call us today !

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