Vision loss and strokes

Vision loss and strokes

Your vision can be affected after a stroke. This can be permanent or transient, depending on the severity of the stroke. A stroke can be a blockage or a bleed of the circulation. In either case it is wise to have a full eye examination to find the extend of possible vision loss and the have the blood vessels at the back of the eye examined. With our Optos camera we can see your blood vessels in excellent detail, this enables us to advise your GP on possible vascular risk factors for strokes.

This image of a left eye, the image on the left is before the stroke, the image on the right is after a stroke caused by a blockage:

normal and branch vein occlusion left eye
Vision loss and strokes 3

The image below shows vision loss on the left hand side of the sight, this is due to a stroke on the right hand side of the brain:

left field of vision loss after a stroke
Vision loss and strokes 4

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