What to know about dry eye pain

What to know about dry eye pain

Dry eye pain:

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Dry eye staining using Fluorecein

Healthy eyes have tears that help lubricate the eye. Tears also help wash away dust and other irritants. Eyes that do not produce enough tears may become dry and itchy and are vulnerable to infection.

Other symptoms

Some possible symptoms of dry eyes include:

  • redness and soreness
  • grittiness
  • a sensation of itching in the eye or eye lids
  • watery overflowing eyes
  • blurred vision
  • light sensitivity


Dry eyes are not usually a cause for concern, and a person can typically manage symptoms using artificial tears without preservatives

However, some medical conditions and medications may cause chronically dry eyes, so it is important to discuss dry eye symptoms with an Optometrist under MECS.

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