What to know about eye pain after an eye injury:

What to know about eye pain after an eye injury:

Eye injury and eye pain:

A physical injury to the eye may cause pain, swelling, or excessive tear production. Examples of such injuries include:

  • being poked in the eye
  • receiving a blow to the eye
  • having a foreign object stuck in the eye possibly after gardening or DIY


The treatment for an eye injury depends on various factors, including:

  • type of injury
  • severity or extent of damage to the eye
  • whether there is damage to surrounding tissues
  • whether an infection is present

If a person has received a poke in the eye or a blow to the eye, their Optometrist may recommend the following:

  • keeping the eye clean
  • applying a cool compress to reduce swelling
  • taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen, to reduce inflammation and pain

If a person has an eyelash or other foreign object stuck in their eye, they can try to remove it using a damp cotton pad or swab. If this is not possible, they should seek help from a MECS Optometrist who can usually remove these.

An Optometrist can remove the object after the use of an anesthetic eye drop to alleviate any pain, and may suggest antibiotics to prevent future infections whilst the eye heals.

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