What to know about eye pain and headaches

What to know about eye pain and headaches

Cluster headache and eye pain:

A cluster headache causes sudden and excruciating pain on one side of the head. Many people also experience the pain around their eyes.

Cluster headache pain is typically sharp, burning, or piercing and may last between 15 minutes and 3 hours at a time.

Other symptoms of a cluster headache:

Other possible symptoms of a cluster headache include:

  • a red and watering eye
  • drooping of the eyelid
  • a smaller pupil in one eye


A person who experiences cluster headaches will need to contact their GP for a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

If you notice headaches and moving flashing lights, some patients notice a kaleidescope effect, you may be suffering from a migraine. The presence of flashing lights can also indicate traction or pulling of the retina, in this case you need to seek advise from a MECS Optometrist as soon as possible.


Are usually associated with Aura. There are various treatments for migraines including medication via the GP, piercings and tinted lenses. More treatment choice here


Acute Glaucoma:

This occurs due to a sudden build up of pressure in the eye, and needs to be treated asap. Acute glaucoma with pain is accompanied by nausia and vision loss

Temporal Arteritis

Temporal Arteritis (TA) is an inflamation of the artery on the side of the head near the temple. This condition can lead to sight loss and severe illness. The side of the head is likely tender to touch and there may be pain on chewing on the same side. Urgent advise and treatment is indicated.

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