What to know about eye pain due to stye or chalazion

What to know about eye pain due to stye or chalazion

inferior chalzion eye lid
internal chalazion

A stye cist or chalazion can cause eye pain:

Styes, Cysts and a chalazions can cause eye pain and are among the most common eye problems.

A stye or hordeolum is a small bump that forms on the outer edge of the eyelid. It develops when an oil gland in the eye becomes blocked and clogged, causing a small, localized bacterial infection. A stye may be very painful or sensitive to the touch, just like a cyst is painfull due to the internal swelling and stretching of the surrounding tissues.

A chalazion is similar in appearance to a stye, but it is internal to the back of the eyelid, sometimes called an internal hordeolum. Like styes, chalazia develop as a result of a blocked oil gland in the eye and can become infected.


eye lid sore red puss


Styes and chalazia often clear on their own. Applying warm compresses to the affected eye can help drain the infection and speed up the healing. Very large or painful styes may require antibiotic treatment, usually a cream to be applied to the outside of the eye lid by the affected area. Some swellings are actually cysts and form a little balloon like swelling on the edge of the eye lid, usually a cyst of Moll. If appropriate an eye lid cyst can be lanced in our office, this is not painful.

We can request a topical cream via your GP to be used on the outside of the eye lid. This frequently clears up the infection. The ointment is not to be used inside the eye and can be used on children. The GP will pass the prescription over to your local pharmacy who will call you when its available. In some cases systemic antibiotics are needed, again we can request these via your GP if appropriate.

Occaisionally an eye doctor / ophthalmologist may need to surgically remove a persistent chalazion or stye that grows very large and is causing too much discomfort. We can refer you to a local NHS paid for clinic if needed.

Please call our office for further information, we can usually advise on these eye problems and cysts, using images from your mobile phone.

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