Which eyes need Urgent care ?

Which eyes need Urgent care ?

There is a ‘red flag’ system for urgent eye care in the Colchester area. These are eye conditions that are likely to need urgent care by the eye clinic. Contact us by phone and we will triage your eye problem. Triage means that your problems will be assessed and a decision made when and where to see you for your eye problem.

A visit can be arranged for you to be seen in our clinic in the high street, a direct referral made to the eye clinic in Colchester or advise may be given over the phone. The eye clinic in Colchester will not accept direct phone calls from the public, you will need to be triaged first. You can be triaged by a MECS Optometrist, A&E or your GP.

Red flag eye problems:

Rapid change and or loss of vision

Recent sudden double vision

Recent new light sensitivity in the eye

Problems after a recent eye procedure, e.g. cataract surgery

Severe headache pain, e.g. you need to take pain killers

Sudden dizzyness and or vomiting

Recent change in the size of one pupil

Eye problem with contact lens wear

Corneal transplants

Injury or foreign body in or near the eye

Redness of the eye, especially if only one eye

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