Zeiss Lenses

Your glasses and sunglasses lenses need to match both your prescription and your lifestyle needs. Technological advances have made modern lenses lighter, more comfortable, give better vision driving, and are less prone to scratching or breaking if the correct coatings have been applied and the correct lens material has been specified.

With so many lens options available, however, it can be difficult to know which type to choose.

Our specialist Dispensing Optician and Optometrist will accurately assess your requirements and talk you through a range of solutions for your individual requirements.

We’re committed to providing exceptional service and bespoke solutions. Our lenses reflect the requirements of the wearer and our advice is based on each client’s needs.

The lenses we offer include:

  • Single vision distance and reading lenses
  • Bifocal lenses: a simple distance and reading option
  • Multifocal Lenses: a blended lens to include three zones – distance, reading and near
  • Lens coatings: these include special coatings for driving
  • Thinner lenses made out of higher refractive index material for lighter eye wear
  • Office Lenses: specially designed for those who use a computer or require near vision assistance
  • Tinted lenses to cut out glare from road and water reflections
  • UV blocking lenses to protect your eyes from harmful sun light

Our highly experienced Dispensing Optician is familiar with most lenses available today. We will discuss the options with you to help you make an informed decision about what is right for you. If you have a preferred varifocal or require a specialist lens we can always source it for you.

There are considerable quality differences between lenses. By choosing a Zeiss manufacturers branded lens, you have chosen quality, tradition, and security.


If you would like on line help with choosing a better vision solution please make use of the vision profile analyser from Zeiss below. This will help you assess what type of lenses will help you see better. 

You can automatically email the result to our practice to help our dispensing optician, please include your name in the email.

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In order to fit and design you lenses for optimum performance we have invested in an i. Terminal Mobile from Zeiss:

To see what happens if your lenses are not fitted correctly just move or angle them in front of your eyes, a small movement may well change the focusing effect of your lenses. Zeiss are able to supply a fitting system to ensure optimum fitting and lens form to get the best out of your spectacle lenses. We have invested in the best and most accurate method of taking the measurements for your lenses, called ‘individual’. Individual takes 22 measurements of your eyes and frame fitting to enable to manufacture of a lens designed just for your prescription and for your frame fittings.

Here is a video showing you how the Zeiss Progressive Individual 2 lens is designed to give you optimum clarity and comfort:


Zeiss Drive Safe Lenses:

Are specifically designed to help with driving under low light conditions, at night and on busy roads with headlight glare:






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