Thin Light High Index Lenses comfortable vision

Personalized computer designed ZEISS lenses for excellent vision:

ZEISS manufactur excellent custom made thin light weight high index lenses. these are individually designed both for cosmetic reasons, comfort and most importantly for the best vision. You can find further information on these lenses on this page from ZEISS.

Please book an appointment with our practice to discuss this further with our Dispensing Optician who is the best person to advise you on your choice of Zeiss lenses.

Zeiss is a well know brand of high quality lenses for a variety of uses including spectacle lenses, microscopes and cameras.

Centre thickness optimisation makes spectacle lenses even better: See better and look better

If you are looking  for a new pair of spectacles you will expect more than just stylish flair – above all, you expect wearing comfort and the best vision for near sighted (myopic) as well as long sighted (hyperopic) spectacle wearers. just in case you are concerned wearing sepectacles is actually harmful, please check out this site which explains there is no harm by wearing spectacles.

Plastic lenses are the reason why modern spectacle  lenses weigh barely anything. They no longer leave behind annoying indentations on the nose. The latest developments deliver even more good news: Thanks to centre thickness optimisation, even thinner spectacle lenses are now available from Zeiss. There is no need to compromise on quality or best vision. Your spectacles may still be a little heavy even with taylor made Zeiss lenses, be carefull of the weight of your new frames. We have accurate scales in the practice to enable us to help you choose.

Zeiss lenses are available in different materials and designs, depending on you prescription and frame shape, it may be worth selecting a higher refractive index lens to give a thinner and or lighter lens. With our Zeiss scanner we will be able to advise you of the final outcome of the lens so we can help you decide which lens material and lens design to choose.

Thin Light High Index Lenses for comfortable spectacles
cross section of farsighted and nearsighted lenses, same power, different lens material

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